Create an account

The first step to upload your projects' source code analysis report to QScored is to create an account. You need to provide basic details (such as name, email, and password) to register yourself to the platform. You will get an email from us to confirm your email. After the email validation, you can login to the platform.

Analyze your projects

QScored expects you to upload source code analysis report in a predefine format as an XML file. You can analyze source code of your software written in C# or Java using Designite or DesigniteJava respectively. Both the tools provide options to generate XML file containing analysis results. The analysis results contain detected smells (implementation, design, and architecture) as well as various metrics.

For Designite, click on "Export analysis result" and select XML as the export file format. Make sure that you select "Export to one file" option.

For Designite console application, use the following command to do the same.

  DesigniteConsole.exe "c:\path\to\solution\file.sln" −X "C:\output\analysisResults.xml"

Use following command to analyze a Java project and generate code analysis results from DesigniteJava application.

  java -jar designitejava.jar -i "c:\path\to\java\project" −o "C:\output\folder\path" -f XML

Upload a new project/version

You may upload your code quality analysis report by clicking "Upload a new project" button on "My projects" page. It will lead you to an upload page where you need to specify project name, version, path of the XML file as well as the repository link (optional). If you would like to keep your project private, you need to keep "open access" flag unchecked; if you want to keep the project identity public, check the box. Upon clicking "Upload", the project is uploaded and saved to QScored database.

Similarly, you may upload a new quality analysis report for a new version of an existing project. You need to select "Upload a new version" option in the right side of your projects row.

If the XML file do not comply to the predefined XML schema, you will see an error. In such cases, you need to fix the XML format errors and try again.

Visualize trend of quality score/rank

"My projects" page offers a plot showing trend of quality score and rank associated with your projects. Initially, upon upload the project, no rank is assigned to the project and hence you won't see anything in the plot. Periodically, we compute relative quality ranking for all projects; thus each such period makes the history of the project quality score and rank.

You may customize the time line of the plot as well as select a subset of projects to better understand the trend.