Quality score and rank

QScored builds its corpus in two ways. First, QScored allows its users to upload the analyzed code quality analysis report generated from Designite or any compatible tool. In addition, QScored deploys a program referred to as QScored agent that keeps downloading open-source repositories from GitHub, analyze them using either Designite or DesigniteJava, and uploads the analyzed information to QScored using REST APIs. When a new project (or a new version of an existing project) is uploaded, QScored calculates its quality score. Periodically, QScored computes quality ranking for all the projects in its corpus. The lower the quality score, the better the project is from code quality perspective; hence project with the smallest quality score is assigned the highest quality rank.

Quality score is computed by calculating a weighted sum of architecture, design, and implementation smells density for each project. Architecture smells are given the highest weight (0.5), followed by design smells (0.3) and implementation smells (0.2).

Exploring project rankings

One may explore all the projects hosted on QScored, their quality score, and quality rank on Ranking page. The page also allows the user to explore the detailed code quality information (detected code smells belonging to different granularities, code quality metrics, etc.) of individual projects.

Search and filters

You may filter the listed presented on the ranking page and search projects that satisfy your search criteria. You may specify project name, LOC, quality score as well as quality rank.