What is QScored?

QScored is an open platform for code quality ranking and visualization. QScored computes code quality scores for all projects in its corpus and provides a quality ranking to individual projects. The assigned code quality ranking is based on the detected smells at architecture, design, and implementation granularities. It facilitates visualization of analyzed results and interactively shows various code quality aspects for each analyzed project.


QScored offers the following key features to you.

  • Code quality ranking: QScored assigns a quality score based on the architecture, design, and implementation smells detected in each of the uploaded projects. Based on the computed quality score, QScored assigns a quality ranking to each project in its corpus.

  • Language agnostic code quality visualization: QScored allows you to visualize many code quality aspects including interactive dependency graph, treemap view showing relative code quality and size, various smells along with their cause, frequency, and location, as well as code quality metrics at class and method granularity. The supported visualization is language agnostic and hence, once the code quality information is imported, QScored treats all projects same irrespective of their implementation language.

  • An open platform: QScored is an open platform that not only provides code quality information for a large number of open-source repositories analyzed from existing tools but also allows its users to upload their code quality analysis report of their projects to the platform to determine a quality score and a relative quality ranking.

  • Quality badges: QScored lets you show-off your development skills by offering you a badge that you may include on your website or your repository home on GitHub. As you expect, any change in quality ranking will be taken care and updated by QScored.

  • REST APIs: The platform offers a set of REST APIs to upload code analysis reports as well as to search a set of projects based on various parameters.