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What is QScored?

What is QScored?

Does your project pay enough attention to software engineering best practices specifically concerning code quality? How well have you architected your project compared to common practices followed in the industry? How can you visualize code quality aspects of your project for structured comprehension? How, as a software engineering researcher, can you obtain a list of open-source repositories filtered by their code quality?

We designed QScored to answer all of the above questions with ease.

QScored is an open platform for code quality ranking and visualization. QScored computes code quality scores for all projects in its corpus and provides a quality ranking to individual projects. The assigned code quality ranking is based on the detected smells at architecture, design, and implementation granularities. It facilitates visualization of analyzed results and interactively shows various code quality aspects for each analyzed project.

Quick overview of platform

Current corpus size

Total repositories:  204,306
C# repositories:  66,205
Total versions in C# repositories:  89,333
Total LOC in C# repositories:  659,606,347

Java repositories:  138,101
Total versions in Java repositories:  176,728
Total LOC in Java repositories:  997,277,369